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Our Vision

We understand the urgency of your shipment - and know how much time & money you've invested in keeping your customers happy.

Give us a try - you will love us and never leave! Rest easy knowing that your shipments are handled by a broker that cares.

Our top priority is making sure you are informed of your shipment status at all times, and doing whatever it takes to get your cargo cleared and delivered in a timely manner.

We're on your team

Good Communication

It's easy to feel relaxed with us - because we understand the value of good communication and keeping you informed.

Industry Experience

Customs brokerage often requires critical decision making. By choosing Straight Forward CHB you are ensuring that your shipment is handled by a knowledgeable and responsible customs broker. We can handle all types of difficult situations, and you're always welcome to call & speak with one of our licensed professionals.

One Stop Shop

From manufacturer's door to cargo delivery, you can find all our services under one roof.

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We can help you through difficult situations with Government Agencies, FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife, TTB, ATA, FSIS, APHIS, and CITES.

Our team has experience making the unbelievable happen - we've resolved some of the most complicated matters with the FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife, TTB, ATA, FSIS, APHIS, and CITES.

We're on your side - you can feel secure knowing you've entrusted your shipment into our capable hands. We believe in guiding our customers from start to finish so they understand exactly what it takes to make sure your imports are running smoothly.

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