We can help you through difficult situations with Government Agencies, FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife, TTB, ATA, FSIS, APHIS, and CITES.

Our team has experience making the unbelievable happen - we've resolved some of the most complicated matters with the FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife, TTB, ATA, FSIS, APHIS, and CITES.

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E-commence/Type 86

US Customs offers the option of express and duty free clearance for shipments with a value lower than $700. We have a lot of experience handling customs clearance of Type 86 entries. We usually forward the cargo on the same day of arrival to express couriers or the USA postal Service enabling you to offer legendary swift delivery for your customers. We operate out of our customs-controlled warehouses at JFK and LAX airports.

Annual & Single Bonds

Depending on your import volume, we can help your company obtain an annual or single bond for you shipments.


ISF Filing

It's important to get a good start on your shipment. ISF 10+2 must be filed 72 hours prior to vessel departure to avoid possible holds & penalties. We file same day and keep tabs on your shipment.

Remote Relocation Filing

As approved by US customs, we can process entries at all US ports. When importing through various ports, you can rest assured that we will act as your exclusive US Customs Broker using the same dedicated staff.